Game Show Presenter 4.4

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An original way to create multimedia presentations and shows on any subject.

Game Show Presenter is a utility to make presentations, that lets you blur the message via an attractive advert in the style of a game show. This virtual show can be configured and done as you like, to adapt it to your subject, theme, audience and needs.

The presentation, in the purest style of TV shows, takes very good care of the details, so all you have to do is write your questions with multiple choice answers, and configure a few extra options. Game Show Presenter converts your show into the central icon of a Flash format show with music, sound effects, scoring and all the paraphenalia associated with attracting the attention of your audience.

All the visuals and sounds of the show are of very high quality. The subject isn`t important, because your audience will end up enthusiastic. The main features of Game Show Presenter:

* Personalize the title of your show.

* Choose among a wide variety of Flash designs.

* Sound effects and comments can be applied as you go, directly from your keyboard.

* Insert your own name in the credits of your show.

* You can configure up to 10 "players or contestants" at the same time.

* The questions of your show can be answered in turns, or as a competition to answer (with an optional time limit).

* Automatic scoring.

* You can program breaks or intermissions in your show, and take the chance to insert another type of advert, then return to the original presentation.


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